Artitus is a project whose goal is to tell artisans stories mainly through our short films. We now have 2 finished films and one more in the editing stage that is about a beekeeper who has a beehive in the Qvidja castle in Pargas/Parainen, Finland. Since Artitus is a project that aims to exist for two more years, we are always looking for good stories to be told and open to suggestions of names of artisans. Here you can see what we’ve done so far:

A Tale of Nagu” is a short film about what it is like to create a small batch of gin that is the representation of a place. Nagu is a beautiful island in the finishing archipelago and is also a small-batch gin brand. In my film, Anton Lindholm and Jonathan Smeds, childhood friends and business partners share their ideas on how to make gin on the same island they grew up on at Nagu distillery. Following the process of how the gin Nagu is made, we are transported to the island of Nagu and its beautiful landscapes of this small Fenno-Swedish community in the Finnish archipelago.

My film “Terraviiva – a ceramist’s tale.” had its premiere on October 10Th of 2020 at the Nordic Makers’ Film Festival, KRISTINESTAD KRISTIINANKAUPUNKI, Finland. Terraviiva is Minna Komulainen’s company and brand. Minna is a ceramist who has dedicated an important part of her life to the production of handmade ceramic pieces. Through her hands, she brings life to the clay and has had her life changed by her activity. In this film, Minna shares her reflections on her activity and brings relevant insights to all those who are dedicated to creating something with their hands from start to finish. Terraviiva – a ceramist’s tale is a sensory glimpse of Minna’s activity where we can almost be transported to her studio through sounds and colors. You can watch it here:

More about the festival: