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Artitus is a project about artisans. We produce videos and pictures to spread awareness about how handcrafted things are made. We believe behind every artisanal product there is an interesting story that deserves to be shared. We admire artisans!

What´s Artitus Project?

Artitus is a Latin word and it means skilfully made or arranged.

Artitus is also a project about people who decided, at some point in their life, to dedicate themselves to creating things.

We believe that, while artisans are creating something through the work they are also being changed by the process.

  Our project is about bringing their stories to a broad public, and we do that through videos, photos, and information.


Our latest video is here!

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Why Artisanal is important?

When you acquiring a handmade object or food you are investing in something made with more care, with better materials or ingredients, and it is more ecological and ethical.

To support a small business is to choose more quality. It is also to help local individuals with names and stories, boost our economy, and empower other humans like us.

It is to show respect for the environment because it is more ecological. 

Every handicraft product has a rich history behind it and can be a rewarding experience to be part of it. That’s why artisanal matters.