Who is behind Artitus Project?

I´m Barbara Kaucher, the person behind Artitus Project, and I have a perhaps unusual background: a degree in philosophy (focused in ethics) and years of experience as a commercial food photographer. Somehow along the way, I felt that it exists something in common between the artisanal process and my interpretation of Aristotle’s ethics (but not only his). While working with people who created something from beginning to end, first in gastronomy and later in other areas, I noted something they all have in common: they all seemed changed by their crafts. As if when they are changing material to bring something from their minds to our reality they are also being changed by the process. The person who starts working with creating is not the same person after some time. They understand in a deep sense that being good in something takes time and it is a never-ending process. They also understand is not up to everyone to judge how good or bad some work is done, only with experience you truly can tell the difference, and sometimes only you are capable of judging the quality of what you do. I admire those people. I enjoy their company, I love to learn from their vision, and I want to tell their stories. And this is what I´m doing here, I want to share with you all the beauty and philosophy I perceive in the stories of handcrafted people, I hope with my heart that you like it