Kristiina Tuura talks about physical memories of techniques and about heritage.

 Kristiina Tuura shared with us some personal reflections about working with her hand, remembering and heritage. She tells us about physical memories of techniques, about how our bodies sometimes remember the movements to create something from our previous experiences and about passing this knowledge on the future generations. She gave us this little testimony during the screening of the films at Nordic Maker´s Film Festival 2020 and it is too special to keep with us only!

Is honey vegan? An artisanal beekeeper answer

This short clip was made during the production of the movie “Hello Honey, a tale of a beekeeper” that will be released soon. During the filming of our films, we always ask the artisans several questions, and we take into account the ethical aspects of artisanal production. An important question about honey production is whether it can be considered vegan, because there is a moral issue about honey production. In this film Nora offers us points to consider about the production of honey, and she argues that the production of honey is different from other products of animal origin. The main difference, Nora argues, is that bees are free to abandon the hive she offers. What’s your opinion? Can bees be free? And does it make a difference in your personal honey consumption?