Teaser of our first film!

It is with great pleasure that I´m sharing the teaser for my first finished film: “Terraviiva – a ceramist’s tale.”(SUBTITLES IN ENGLISH)

My film is going to have it´s premiere in October at the Nordic Makers’ Film Festival, KRISTINESTAD KRISTIINANKAUPUNKI, Finland, 10-11.10.2020

I´m Barbara, a Turku based Brazilian photographer and filmmaker who feels strongly for all things artisanal. In my new film project Artitus, several types of making and makers will be presented. Terraviiva is Minna Komulainen’s company and brand. Minna is a ceramist who has dedicated an important part of her life to the production of handmade ceramic pieces. Through her hands, she brings life to the clay and has had her life changed by her activity. In this film, Minna shares her reflections on her activity and brings relevant insights to all those who are dedicated to creating something with their hands from start to finish. Terraviiva – a ceramist’s tale is a sensory glimpse of Minna’s activity where we can almost be transported to her studio through sounds and colors. Minna and I will be present at the premiere.

The film is in Finnish, but the discussion afterwards will be in English.

More about the festival: makersfilmfestival.fi/