After countless hours of planning, filming, driving, and editing here it is! “HELLO HONEY, a tale of a beekeeper and her bees” is an important part of the Artitus Project, one that was created having in mind the strong connection between makers like Nora and their impact on the environment as well. Nora is a Finnish beekeeper who produces monofloral honey and fights for the preservation of the Nordic Dark Bee, an endangered bee species. You will be able to see Nora’s work, her process of making honey, and her reflections on her activity, and she talks about the importance of preserving bees and pollinators. In the film, we can accompany Nora in her important work on the island of Parainen in the Finnish archipelago, where she has a special hive next to the castle of Qvidja. Through the film you can not only be presented to the Nordic Dark Bees, and what its consists a beekeeper work, but also be indulged with the beautiful landscape of Parainen/Pargas in Finland with its multiples islands and colors. “HELLO HONEY, a tale of a beekeeper and her bees” is also an urgent film that brings us how connected we are to the bees.

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